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Hey all,

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit– sorry for abandoning you! I’m back though, and all is not lost– I’ve been doing a lot more than just sitting around my house playing with my puppy (okay, I’ve played with Emma a lot, but how could you resist?), and I have a few pictures to prove it. I’ve been practicing my photography, I visited Pennsylvania, I attended my first Irish family party with my boyfriend, and my alma mater’s hockey team won the national championships (Go U!!!). The posts will be coming more often and more consistently, but for now, enjoy the view. Continue reading


Foodie Friday(ish): Profiteroles

Foodie Friday(ish): Profiteroles

So, remember that time I told you I’d give you a recipe a week and then totally bailed on the last two weeks? And remember that time I said the recipes would be on Fridays and this is a Thursday? Sorry, guys! I’m making up for it by promising that this recipe will be the most delicious yet. Believe me.

Anyways, with Valentine’s day fast approaching, I was brainstorming desserts to make for my boyfriend (read: I had a sweet tooth and found an excuse to fill myself full of pastry, ice cream, and chocolate days before I even left to visit him in Pennsylvania).  I stumbed upon a few recipes for profiteroles, which are a French pastry filled with ice cream and topped with warm chocolate sauce.  AKA heaven.  So naturally, I made them for lunch for no reason what-so-ever.

This recipe comes from Continue reading

Thoughts: on Emotions (and a little Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

People handle death and grief in so many different ways. When an influential person or a celebrity passes away, as Phillip Seymour Hoffman recently did, our generation of twenty-somethings seems to flock to social networking, whether it be to pay respect or to share our thoughts and emotions. Most of the time, posts like these are caring and respectful.

Sometimes, they’re not.

As I was perusing my social networks (something I find myself doing far too frequently these days), I saw a Facebook status posted by a girl I went to school with a long time ago that looked like this: Continue reading

The scale of Schadenfreude

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It’s a difficult thing to admit your mistakes.  Even more so when admitting them is an acknowledgement that you are not in all ways the evolved, progressive, compassionate thinker you fancy yourself to be.  Truthfully, it’s never a state you should consider final; it’s a level to which you should continue to aspire in each moment.  The instant you get complacent about it is the instant you begin to backslide.  But I find myself wrestling with this in light of having read Amanda Palmer’s post about Justin Bieber.  If you haven’t looked at it yet, you should, and you should also note my friend Ksenia Anske’s top-rated comment.  Without question there has been an Internet-wide pile-on given the Biebs’ spate of recent misdeeds – if there were such a thing as schadenfreude overload, we’d be teetering precipitously on the brink.  As Amanda says, we don’t have to sympathize with…

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ReBlog: German Word “Fernweh”

Thank you, Germany, for somehow looking directly into my soul and coming up with a word for exactly this point in my life.  And probably the foreseeable future.  Language is awesome.

The word describes feeling “like you have to leave your familiar surroundings to discover new places,” and there’s no English translation.  I feel like it’s me in seven letters (yes, I had to double Continue reading