DIY Beer Coasters

DIY Beer Coasters

This is a super-easy way to re-furbish old coasters you have lying around your house or make coasters out of cheap ceramic tiles.  You may be thinking, “Steph, where do you find cheap ceramic tiles?”  Well, if you must know, mine are the free samples they have at Home Depot (remember that time I said I was really broke….?). 

What You’ll Need: old coasters or square tiles; ModPodge; foam brush; beer boxes; felt; superglue; scissors or a box cutter


Most of this stuff is really cheap– and that’s the point! Why spend more money than you need to on coasters when you can just drink beer and make some of your own coasters at home, am I right?!  And let’s be honest, we all know you were going to buy the beer anyway.

I know you’ve always dreamed of making your own coasters… and if you already have coasters, these make great gifts!  Know anyone that’s a male, for example?  They probably have never used coasters before, but they’ll love it.  DIY because you can, people.

I found these coasters hanging out in some forgotten drawer and chose them to “upcycle.” I’m sure this floral pattern used to be just lovely at some point…


Step 1: Create a smooth surface to work with.  If you’re using new ceramic tiles, this shouldn’t be an issue.  I found some sandpaper and scrubbed all the gross stuff off of these coasters.  This helps to ensure that your new coasters will be smooth as well, instead of having any bumps and ridges.

Step 2: Measure and cut out the area of the beer box that you want to use for your coaster.  Cut out a piece of felt the same size (for the bottom).  You want to make sure that your section of cardboard is exactly the same size as the top of your coaster– any smaller and you’ll see the tile underneath, and any larger and your coasters will have an uneven lip.  Ditto for the felt on the bottom.


Oh, you messed up?  Whoops!  Looks like you’ll have to buy some more beer and start over.  (You’re not fooling anyone….)

Side Note: Not a big beer fan? You can use almost anything as the top of your coaster.  Feel free to print out some pictures, use newspaper clippings, cool pieces of print or fabric, or anything you find around your house!  As long as it’s relatively thin and can be cut to the exact size of the coaster, you can use it!

Step 3: Apply a layer of ModPodge to the top surface of your coaster.  If you’ve never used ModPodge before, it’s magical.  It’s basically glue, but it dries completely clear and will stick basically any two (relatively thin) surfaces together!  The key is to use enough ModPodge to fully coat your surface, but not enough to make it gooey and thick.  The foam brush will help to soak up any excess ModPodge as you’re brushing it on.


Step 4: Apply the cardboard piece to the top of your coaster.  Press and hold for 1-2 minutes.  When you line up your cardboard with your coaster, you want to make sure it’s lined up as perfectly as possible.  Once it’s stuck, it’s going to stay there.  The goal here is to make sure that the cardboard is adhered firmly in place before we layer more ModPodge on top.


See those gaps in between the cardboard and the coaster? Those are the ones we want to close up when we’re holding the cardboard down and letting it dry.

Step 5: Apply a thin layer of ModPodge over the surface and sides of the new coaster.  Again, you want a thin layer, but one that fully coats your surface.  You brush the ModPodge on both the top and sides of the coaster to create an even layer of sealant over the coaster.


Step 6: Wait 15-20 minutes for the ModPodge to dry, then repeat Step 5.  The first layer of ModPodge looks scary, like you’ve just ruined everything, but I promise it dries clear.  Would I ever lie to you?  You can tell when each layer is done because it will be completely clear and dry to the touch (although maybe a tiny bit tacky).  In total, you’ll want to have 2-3 layers of ModPodge on your coaster.  This forms a barrier so that the cardboard won’t be destroyed or pull apart from the original coaster.


Side Note: ModPodge drinking game! Chug a beer while you’re waiting for each layer to dry.  Extra points if you finish your six pack by the time your coasters are done.

Step 7: Using the superglue, apply the felt to the bottom of your coaster.  Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Step 8: Let your coasters cure for 24 hours, then enjoy!



Happy crafting!


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