Catch-Up via Pictures

Hey all,

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit– sorry for abandoning you! I’m back though, and all is not lost– I’ve been doing a lot more than just sitting around my house playing with my puppy (okay, I’ve played with Emma a lot, but how could you resist?), and I have a few pictures to prove it. I’ve been practicing my photography, I visited Pennsylvania, I attended my first Irish family party with my boyfriend, and my alma mater’s hockey team won the national championships (Go U!!!). The posts will be coming more often and more consistently, but for now, enjoy the view. Continue reading


ReBlog: German Word “Fernweh”

Thank you, Germany, for somehow looking directly into my soul and coming up with a word for exactly this point in my life.  And probably the foreseeable future.  Language is awesome.

The word describes feeling “like you have to leave your familiar surroundings to discover new places,” and there’s no English translation.  I feel like it’s me in seven letters (yes, I had to double Continue reading