Dreaming of warmer days in the Adirondacks

Dreaming of warmer days in the Adirondacks

This perpetual cold with brief moments of spring warmth (rainy warmth, but warmth none the less) have me dreaming of warm, sunny hike days. Enjoy!


Local Adventure: Albany Rural Cemetery

Local Adventure: Albany Rural Cemetery

There’s something about a cemetery that makes me feel alone and surrounded at the same time. Not in an I see dead people kind of way– it’s more like a place I can come to when I need to think, or relax, or just feel some peace and quiet. I’ve been doing this for years, sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend or two (that’s you, Kara!). The Albany Rural Cemetery is really close to my house, so I often pack up Emma and head there for an hour any chance I get. The cemetery itself is Continue reading