About the Blog

Hey friends—welcome!

This blog is my scrapbook of sorts, dedicated to documenting everything inspiring I find while navigating my way through my twenties.  I’ll tell you about the places I travel and the people I meet, what makes me happy (an amazing brunch cocktail, but we’ll get to that later) and what makes me stop to think.  It’s all part of my quest to “embrace twenty-something.”  Let me explain:

Part One: Graduation

Last year, I graduated from Union College in upstate New York.  As a transfer student, I got only two years to make the U my home, and goodbye felt like it came way to soon.  I met some of the most hysterical, thoughtful, wonderful people there, and I’m sure you’ll hear about them in this blog.

For me, though, some of the sadness of graduation was eased by the excitement for what was to come.  I spent the months after graduation finding adventures, seeing friends and family, devouring some of mom’s great home cooking, and being generally lazy.  It was glorious.  I rediscovered my hometown, and then hopped on a plane with my brother Matt to visit my other brother Bryan (I have four brothers, try to keep up here) across the country in Los Angeles.  One of my best friends got engaged, which prompted a crazy weekend in D.C.  I loved every second.

My friends are my rocks.  This is Kathryn and Kara, two of my ladies who've been around forever, celebrating Kathryn's engagement in D.C.!

My friends are my rocks. This is Kathryn and Kara, two of my ladies who’ve been around forever, celebrating Kathryn’s engagement in D.C.!

Part Two: Frustration

The summer ran out almost as quickly as my money, and my life of adventure came to a screeching halt.  Let me tell you something—bars become a lot less fun when your version of pregaming involves checking your bank account to see if you can really buy three drinks tonight, or if two is going to be the lucky number.  Wild Turkey never tasted so good, am I right?

Around the same time, I began to wonder what I was actually doing with my life (coincidence? I think not).  I didn’t have a real job, I was living at home, and I was essentially out of money.  Many people in my life were making big changes—a good friend started nursing school, my sorority “little” just jetted off to Australia for a few months, and my boyfriend just moved to Stroudsburg, PA to start a great new job.  It’s easy to feel very uncomfortable with the unanswered questions in your life when everyone else seems to have it “figured out,” and that’s exactly how I found myself—feeling uncomfortable, and maybe even a little inadequate.

Before you start feeling too bad for me, though, let me clarify—I have it pretty damn good.  I have amazing friends, and an equally amazing boyfriend and family.  I’ve been able to go to school, and travel, and so much more.  There’s just something about the vast unknown that is the early twenties that has knocked me straight off my feet.

Part Three: Re-Creation

There’s something about being knocked on your ass that gives you some perspective, though.  Dr. Thomas Wayne said, “Why do we get knocked down, Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

And if we can’t take advice from Batman’s dad, who can we take advice from, really?

So this year, my new years resolution of sorts is to start to figure out who the adult version of me is.  That will mean a whole new perspective regarding the unknown.  It will mean embracing challenges and opportunities as they come, and finding adventure in what’s around me.  My bank account can’t take me halfway around the world?  Maybe I’ll dive into an amazing novel, or try a new coffee shop across town, or go for a hike with my puppy (I’m lucky enough to have the beautiful Adirondacks practically in my backyard).  And I’ll keep you fabulous people updated every step of the way.

Will I have it all figured out by 2015?  No.  But whenever I need some help getting back on track, I’ll be armed with lots of great wine, great friends, and great sweatpants.  And that’s good enough for me.   So with that, I give you “Embracing Twenty Something.”


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